The Coastal Forces Heritage Trust

Based in HM Naval Base in Portsmouth, The Coastal Forces Heritage Trust covers small craft operating under Royal Navy command for offensive and defensive purposes from the formation of Coastal Forces in 1919 up to the present day.

Achievements of Coastal Forces

Coastal forces made an enormous contribution to WW2 in every theatre of war:

  • 900 actions resulting in 400 enemy vessels sunk
  • More torpedoes fired than the submarine service with a greater proportion of hits
  • Vital intelligence gathered for D-Day
  • Landing and retrieving agents on enemy coastlines
  • 3000 decorations won including 4 Victoria Crosses

Achievements of the Trust

The work of the trust has helped keep the memory alive through:

  • Night Hunters – Coastal Forces Museum in Priddy’s Hard, Gosport
  • Memorial plaques at each Coastal Forces base
  • A film archive of interviews with veterans
  • A DVD including wartime footage and interviews
  • A collection of historic material, photographs, letters, models and memorabilia
  • A memorial room and annual Remembrance Service at HMS Hornet, Gosport
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Coastal Forces Museum

The Night Hunters: the Royal Navy’s Coastal Forces at War

Opened in October 2021, our dedicated museum in Priddy’s Hard, Gosport includes two WW2 wartime vessels, photos and exhibits. We owe it to veterans, families and the public to tell the story. Find out more and view the introductory video for an insight into the design, history and story of the historical museum.

Help Us Achieve Our Aims

The Coastal Forces Heritage Trust need materials, time and money. 
If you would like to help and become involved, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Lieutenant Commander Peter Scott RNVR

A commentary from Lieutenant Commander Peter Scott RNVR

“I’d like to tell you a little about the light coastal forces, the small, fast ships…”

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